Sabina’s Story: Success is the Sum of Small Achievements

Sabina is a dreamy, friendly, feisty mother and is also one of the participants of the project “Women Entrepreneurs”. Her willpower, her perseverance and desire to learn are the indicator that her quality of life is improving.

At 28 years old, she has a much older physical appearance. Her rough and hard hands show how difficult it is to work in the field and at home.

“I like knitting, embroidering tablecloths, go for walks into the valley with my children. I also participate in the “Women Entrepreneurs” workshop that Peace and Hope Association offers for half a year,” says this young mother.


Her family

She lives in Rio Blanco, which belongs to the Huaccana district, province of Chincheros from the department of Apurimac in Peru. The Pampas River passes through these lands, and it is considered the paradise of the mountains with its turquoise waters where you can fish trout. The weather is warm and there are a wide variety of fruits throughout the year.

“I’ve always lived here, with my brother and my mom. Well, I never met my father. When I was 16, I met and fell in love with Severino,” recalls this woman who has spent twelve years with her husband with whom she has three children: Adrian, Franklin and my little one Flor de Mary who study in the school of Rio Blanco.



“I want them to finish school and then go to college, I want them to move on, because I could not. I only finished my sophomore year high school because I had no sufficient money to continue”, tells Sabina as she stares at the horizon while her voice cracks and her hands come together reflecting on the difficulties she had to go though.

“Before my partner and I didn’t understand each other. He took advantage of his strength and he was mean. He did not care and did not help me feed my children that at the time were small. That made me angry and we fought very often.”



This went on until one afternoon her friend encouraged Sabina to participate in the “Women Entrepreneurs” workshop.

“My friend told me, ‘Let’s go Sabina, they will teach us how to prepare chocolates,’ and because of her insistence I dared to go, and there I met Miss Aymec Medina. Now, every time they invite us to the workshops I go, because I always learn something new. They also talk about how I should treat my children, family and other people. Now I know I can!” says Sabina.

The project “Women Entrepreneurs” has been running for more than a year in the departments of Apurimac and Ayacucho, benefiting a total of 200 women with the purpose of awakening their potential, and personal and productive skills. The project teaches and leads them to peaceful coexistence, emphasizes the importance of human rights, and encourages them to improve their quality of life.
Daily life

Now things are much better at home.

“ The relationship with my partner and children has improved, there is no more shouting or fighting,” she explains with satisfaction.

Sabina gets up every day at 5:00 a.m. to clean her house, prepare breakfast and send her children to school. When they leave, she prepares lunch, washes the dirty clothes, and then goes to the farm to bring food to Severino.

“I help him, I either cut alfalfa for my guinea pigs or I pick up oranges and avocados from the trees to eat with my children. I sell what is left at the door of my house. I do not earn a lot, but it always helps with the household expenses,” says this mother.


I can do it!

The project promotes women strengthening both their personal and productive skills as their leadership ability to become more active in the development of their community. Some women are at advanced level, but others like Sabina are still in the process. She cares for her of his family and attends school meetings of their children.

“ I attend my children’s school meetings to know what they need and learn to deal with them. I also participate in meetings of my community where I will usually listen. I haven’t yet asked for the floor to comment, I am ashamed, because men are very derisive. But gradually I will lose fear with the entrepreneurial workshops. They teach us to express our ideas. I know I have many challenges to go, but I know I can do it.” Sabina ends our conversation with a firm voice while repeating “I can” and closes the window of hier house.


Source: The interviewed Sabina Torres, and holding the hat, the journalist Carmen Rosa.

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