We publish bi-monthly Updates giving news and information about one of the countries and projects where Paz y Esperanza is working.  The alternate month we send a prayer e-mail, usually following up topics from the previous month’s Update.  To receive these just use the ‘Contact Us’ tab or send an e-mail to <updates@pazyesperanza.org>

Here are some recent issues:-

Update for January 2021 – Celebrating 25 faithful years of Paz y Esperanza

Update for March 2021 – Shining a light during the pandemic in 2020

Update for May 2021 – Tackling Child Trafficking in the Amazon

Update for July2021 – Two Hundred Years!

Update for September 2021 – Supporting Children affected by the Pandemic

Update for November 2021 – Advent Reflection – All Things New in Bolivia

Update for January 2022 – UK supporters bring peace and hope to Latin America