Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending and promoting justice on behalf of persons and communities living in poverty or affected by different forms of injustice.

We are a fellowship of independent organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, the United States and the United Kingdom united under a common vision, mission, principles, and values. We work together to bring about structural change in the places in which we work through the sharing of best practices and resources, and mutual accountability.

We are an organization whose values and foundation are based in Christian principles. We consider ourselves a part of the Protestant-Evangelical Christian movement. The purpose of our work is not to proselytize rather we firmly believe that our mission as Christians and members of a community of faith is “to be, do and say our experience of the Gospel in the lives of people and of society.”

We work with and alongside people of different races, religions, gender, age, etc. We collaborate with grassroots organizations, local, regional and national authorities, and a variety of civil society groups.

We are not affiliated with nor do we support any particular political party or opinion. But, we encourage and respect the democratic choices that each member of our organization makes. Our actions are rooted in the belief that each human person is endowed with dignity because s/he is created in the image and likeness of God.