The Paz y Esperanza family opens its doors to people who want to be part of a global movement for justice for those who suffer injustice daily. There are different ways of joining this dream and vision for justice:

  • Praying
  • Getting informed
  • Taking action
  • Giving
  • Volunteering
  • Getting connected

PRAYING. We believe that prayer changes us rather than God. We need to pray for our authorities, for those who suffer injustice, and for professionals who are missionaries and missionary professionals who work on the front lines. Subscribe to our international newsletter HERE to receive prayer requests.

GETTING INFORMED. Only well informed citizens can act strategically to change unjust situations. To pray with awareness we must learn what is happening around us. Subscribe to our International Newsletter.

TAKING ACTION. Every day the different Paz y Esperanza offices are engaged in public campaigns on behalf of persons or communities affected by injustice. We encourage you to visit the website sections of the country/ies that interest you for more information about specific actions that you can take. For more information, click HERE.

GIVING. Donations from individuals, foundations and churches are vital to carry out the various programs and projects. We encourage you to contact each office to make donations in cash or in kind. You may also donate online by clicking HERE.

VOLUNTEERING. Our organization offers many volunteer opportunities in each of our offices -- whether you are looking for professional experience, an opportunity to serve the poor, or simply to confirm your calling to do justice. If you live in the country where you want to volunteer, please contact that office directly. Click HERE.

Paz y Esperanza also offers people from the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere in Latin America the opportunity to volunteer through ANDEMOS. Hundreds of volunteers from places such as Wheaton College, Pepperdine University and the University of Florida have invested long and short term volunteer placements in our offices. For more information and international volunteer opportunities click here: www.andemos.net.

CONNECTING. Become a friend of Paz y Esperanza and its various programs on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or read about what we think and do on our web pages.